Five-axis CNC machining characteristics

The current machining center is developing in the direction of five-axis control. The five-axis machining center has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision. The workpiece can be processed with the pentahedron at one time. For example, the high-end CNC system with five-axis linkage can also perform high-precision processing on complex spatial surfaces, and is more suitable for processing modern molds such as automobile parts and aircraft structural parts.

  1. It can effectively avoid tool interference
  2. For straight parts, side milling can be used.
  3. For general three-dimensional curved surfaces, especially relatively flat large curved surfaces, the end face of a large-diameter end mill can be used to process the curved surface
  4. Multi-surface and multi-process processing can be performed on multiple spatial surfaces on the workpiece at the same time.
  5. In the five-axis machining process, the tool is in the most effective cutting state relative to the surface of the workpiece. The error is evenly distributed on the surface of the part
  6. In some processing occasions, larger size cutters can be used to avoid interference processing.

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